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In Pain and Can't get the Help you Need?

Stuck at home and can't access face to face physiotherapy? Injured your back gardening? Or has your new found enthusiasm for running caused your knees to hurt? Felt something go in that new online yoga class?

I know how frustrating it is to be in pain, needing help, but unable to get it due to the current situation.

I understand why you might not want to bother your GP at the moment, but don't know where to turn to get the help you need. NHS physiotherapy departments have reduced their services temporarily and are often only prioritising very urgent cases.

And yet, you really need some help with your problem so that you can get back to your pain free life. After all, Lockdown is bad enough in itself without being in pain all the time. Sleep is difficult enough without your shoulder pain aching all night, and working from home is already difficult with kids off school and only made worse by that nagging neck pain that's suddenly developed.

Maybe you've already tried some videos on YouTube but found they made your pain worse?
Maybe your well meaning partner has told you some stretches that they used years ago, but they've not made any difference?
Maybe you've tried icing, heating, massaging, lotions, potions, paracetemol, ibuprofen and your problem is still there?

Maybe it's time to get Professional Expert Physiotherapy Help

Online Physiotherapy Is Here To Help You

Our Online Physiotherapy Service provides you with a COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT of your problem. A targeted TREATMENT PLAN and a PERSONALISED ONLINE EXERCISE regime for you to follow at home. 

Not forgetting lots of EXPERT ADVICE

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Here’s what people are saying about our online physio service

We're currently helping over 50 people per week from all over the UK. Many are getting great results after only one or two sessions.  Check out some of our patients below 



" I was in so much pain......"

Thank you so much for your online consultation. It was so easy to set up with your guidance.

 I was in so much pain, but you were patient and understanding. You listened to my worries and explained in detail what was wrong, then you gave me some exercises to do and checked on camera that I was doing them correctly.

Your email giving details of my exercise plan and warnings about what to do if it worsened, were very helpful. Your second consultation helped me understand things were improving and the add on exercises are working well.

I am nearly back to normal. I would happily recommend your service.

Thanks again from Graham.



" I can't recommend this enough......"

  I made an appointment for a virtual session as I managed to injure myself whilst lifting heavy rocks on the garden. I was literally in agony and didn't know who to turn to during lockdown.


I was a little nervous about how the whole virtual consultation process would work but it was really simple and efficient and the video consultation was superb.


Tim quickly diagnosed what the problem was and gave me an exercise regime that had me pain free in a couple of days.

 I can't recommend this enough for anyone who is pain and suffering because they think there is nowhere to turn to in lockdown.



"Thank you so much........."

Thank you so much. I was so upset before my appointment as I was really worried that something had gone wrong with my hip replacement.

The hospital wouldnt see me, even though I was in so much pain. Luckily I found your website and you seemed to know straight away what the problem was.

I can't believe how such simple exercises could help so much, but they did. I've already recommended you to some of my friends.


Here's How Online Physiotherapy Works

All you have to do is follow the steps below


Book Your Appointment

Click here to choose a convenient appointment . You will need to book a 45 minute initial assesment unless you wish to take advantage of our special offer of a 15 minute FREE taster session. Appointments are available 6 days a week from 8am to 8pm.

You will be asked to pay for your appointment at the time of booking and you will receive an email confirming the appointment, that also asks you to fill in an online form in advance before your appointment.

This is a  very important form that allows your physio to prepare for the session and ensures you get to spend as much time as possible on the consultation, rather than admin.


Start Your Consultation

At the appointed time you just need to click on the link in your email and the session will start. You do not need to download anything.

You will need a laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop computer with camera and microphone and an internet connection. Make sure you are somewhere quiet and comfortable. Wear appropriate clothing and be prepared to move around during the consultation.


The Consultation

Your physio will introduce themselves and ask you first to tell them all about your problem.

You will then be asked to do some physical tests so that the physio can see how you move, how your pain reacts and after several tests a likely diagnosis will be given.

Your physio will the provide you with their expert advice and outline a treatment plan that will be delivered to yuo by email.


The Treatment

You will be provided with an online exercise regime that is personalised to your specific problem.

You can access the exercise plan via any internet browser or you can download a free app to your phone and have the exercises available to you wherever you are.

We include one week of ongoing advice via text /email regarding the exercises to ensure that  you are having no issues and that you are exercising safely.

About Your Online Physio,
Tim Storr MSc MCSP

Your Online Physio is operated by Tim Storr MSc MCSP a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 30 years experience of treating musculoskeletal problems.

Tim is HCPC registered and has operated his physical clinic in Alfreton, Derbyshire for 24 years, treating thousands of patients with joint / muscle/ tendon /ligament and nerve pains.

Tim is an approved NHS and BUPA physiotherapy provider and is registered with all major health insurance companies such as Westfield, Vitality and SimplyHealth.

Here’s what people are saying about Tim


South Normanton

"Excellent Professional Service"

Only 2 visits for a very painful neck problem and I was sorted out.

Excellent professional service and local too!!



"Highly Recommended"

After two weeks of having pains and muscle tightening in my shoulder and arm, and also having
been wrongly diagnosed with a pulled tendon by a medical professional. I had to have two weeks off work,  

I am self employed and after visiting Tim he found out exactly what was wrong, within a couple of days of
treatment I was finally able to get back to work.

Highly recommended.



"Worked wonders...."

I visited Tim after being diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. He rightly questioned the diagnosis and with his help the correct cause of the pain was uncovered.

I then returned to Tim who has worked wonders and I now have almost all movement returned without pain in my shoulder.

Would recommend him as a physio without hesitation.


Free Taster

15 minute taster session



  • 15 minutes
  • Discuss Your Problem
  • Test Your Device
  • Meet the Physio
  • No Assessment  / Treatment
Follow Up

30 minute follow up



  • 30 minutes
  • Follow Up
  • Progression of Exercises
  • Further Advice
  • Prevention Strategies

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy with your consultation, let us know within 48 hours and you will receive a full refund to your payment card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What device do I need?

Is my injury suitable for online physio.

How do I pay?

How can you diagnose me if you can't touch me?

What sort of treatment will I get?

I'm not in the UK, can you still help? 

A personal note

Thanks for showing an interest in our new online physiotherapy service. These are challenging times, but it's also an opportunity to find new ways of working. We've been getting great results for our patients with online physio and it would be great if you wished to become another one of our success stories.

I would love to try and help you get back to your pain free life and can assure you that I will do my absolute best for you.